“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #35 ~ October 18, 2022


Why it is important to have a good support system when you have ADHD? 

Ever since I learned about Barnabas in the Bible, he’s been one of my favorite people. I learned that the Greek boy’s name Barnabas means “son of encouragement.” In the Bible, Barnabas was a disciple known for his mentoring and support. He was originally named Joseph but received the nickname Barnabas for his notable encouragement to others. He would walk alongside Paul in support and encouragement in difficult times. Barnabas likely had many gifts, but his spiritual gift of exhortation seems to be his main one. People wanted to be around Barnabas because of his gift of encouragement and how he made people feel. Paul had a lot of negatives coming at him and what if Barnabas wasn’t in his life? Would Paul be able to do everything that God called him to do if he didn’t have Barnabas beside him to encourage him, to believe in him, and to help motivate him along? I think about those things. Who is behind the scenes that are making a big difference in the person who is out there making things happen? I would guess that many people have never heard of Barnabas but I’m sure they would want a Barnabas in their life. 

Research has shown that many people with ADHD experience high levels of self-doubt and low self-esteem. They have been told many times what they are doing wrong or why can’t they do things right, or what’s wrong with them. It’s bad enough that people feel bad about everything they get wrong, but it’s just compounded when others are telling them too. And we wonder why they feel ashamed or embarrassed by their symptoms and struggle with life. For this reason alone, it can be so beneficial if those around them offer positive feedback and encouragement to help boost their sense of self-worth. It’s as if they need more positive feedback and encouragement than other people because they have had so much more negative as they try to survive in this world. People with ADHD may have experienced punishment and criticism over the years which can easily turn into poor self-esteem which can spin into a life of even more procrastination, inattention, and impulsivity. As you can imagine, positive reinforcements, encouragement, and validation can help individuals with ADHD find the courage and strength to be who they are created to be. And the good news is positive reinforcement and encouragement can help everyone.

Do you have a Barnabas in your life? Can you think of people who have encouraged you and believed in you? If you do, consider yourself blessed. 

One of my favorite books I’ve read has spoken to me about the power of encouragement in our lives. The book is “Balcony People” by Joyce Landorf Heatherley. It’s a small little book that is packed with big truths about the power of having balcony people in your life as opposed to basement people. Your balcony people are cheering you on and encouraging you that you can do it. The basement people will remind you of all your faults and how you can’t succeed and they just want you to hang out with them in the basement. I love the visual of that story and envision my balcony cheerleader cheering me on! 

Who are your cheerleaders? Do you have fans in the stands to cheer you on? We all need a support system. Those that understand us and get us. Those that believe in us and want the best for us. I think about professional sports and we cheer these players on and we don’t even know them. We have never had a conversation with them let alone a relationship with them but we cheer them on. We want them to win! If we can do that for people we don’t know, don’t you think we can do that for people we do know and people that are important to us?

I’ve known that God has given me a gift of encouragement. I love being able to encourage people, cheer them on, and give them hope. Maybe this is why the profession of a Life Coach excites me so much. If I can make a difference in someone’s life and be a Barnabas, Balcony Person, or a cheerleader for them, I consider myself blessed. To be honest, I’m just looking for more people that want a Barnabas in their life. 

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