“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #52 ~ February 9, 2023


How my intuition served me and “Happy Brain Hacks” were born!

As I become more self-aware of this amazing brain that just happens to have been born with ADHD, I’m learning more every day about the ability to rewire it, stay intentional, focus on the areas that produce energy, and continue to trust my intuition. That intuition can be mysterious at times as it comes so quickly and if I don’t catch it, it might leave as fast as it arrived. It sort of reminds me of our hummingbirds as they dart around and within seconds are gone. That intuition can be like fairy dust being sprinkled in my head and I have to consciously grasp those little specks before they blow away. Some of the fairy dust will hang around for a bit and allow me to check them out, think about it, and give me time to decide if I want to do anything with it. 

What has helped me in the past is if I stay focused on my disco ball (my main purpose, goal, and drive) while being true to my core values, strengths, and passions. I find that I’m aware of my intuition more and I’m able to respond to it, then doors open and it’s as if the intuition will get closer, sharper and I’m not second-guessing myself as much. 

If you feel stuck, I wonder if there is something that your intuition was telling you to do, and acting on that intuition moves you out of the stuck spot. Sometimes that is all that it takes. Maybe something is gnawing at you, and you just can’t shake it off. Then you find out that once you deal with it in whatever way necessary then it literally frees you to move on. 

It’s funny how that intuition can get you rolling in the positive direction you want to go, or it can free you up so your mind isn’t all full of the pesty gnats swarming around which prevent you from thinking clearly. Sometimes if we let that intuition sit around too long before we take action, it can start to stink and that’s when the gnats come swarming. 

For me when I get that intuition, I can think, oh, great idea, yep, I will do it, or I’ll write it down. Sometimes I do it right away, other times I put it off or analyze it to death. Either way, the pesky bugs remind me. 

What’s your stuck? I realized my stuck is letting spider webs in my brain and then when I don’t get rid of them, they became cobwebs with all the bugs left in them. For example, writing this particular blog. I got the idea a couple of weeks ago. I had it all in my head what I would write, and I allowed time to go by without doing it. Then all these wackadoodle thoughts came to camp in my head, and I think, where did that come from? By not following through with my intuition, my brain fills up with spider webs and all the pesky bugs get stuck in there. 

This has now become my lesson of doing what my intuition tells me to do and making the time for it. So now instead of just writing the blog a couple of weeks ago and realizing my stuck was allowing cobwebs in my head instead of following my intuition, trust your gut…whatever you want to call it. I now have more material on how our brains work because of the delay in my action. Now I’ve got another confirmation of how I can trust my gut with the relationship I have already built with my intuition. 

After my presentation on the ‘Crush Your ADHD Summit’ in January 2023, I received so many wonderful reviews that really caught me by surprise. I was so elated that people loved the One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks as I did. And then I realized that a lot of people requested my “The Miracle of One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks” through the summit. In fact, I was able to determine by my email service that those who requested my free offer were from 35 different states and from 25 different countries. WOW! What a blessing to know that what I created has helped people all over the world. I think maybe I’ve been in a bit of shock not knowing how to put all of this in words, so it makes sense to the reader. 

On January 28, 2023, I was writing and processing like I tend to do on a regular basis. I wanted to do some of my own research on how I created “The Miracle of One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks.” How did it all start? I wondered and I searched in my journals when I first wrote about them. I was in church on November 6, 2022, and I was journaling like I normally do. The environment that our pastor nourishes at Fresh Start Ministries allows me to hear God clearly and I’m writing as fast as I can to keep up with the revelations from God. It’s pretty amazing. On that Sunday in November, God gave me the idea for the Happy Brain Hacks. Along with a few topics of Happy Brain Hacks. I liked it. It was a way to be productive and keep it fun. After that service, I continued to develop the Happy Brain Hacks and then I incorporated “One-Minute” into becoming “One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks”. I realized there are things we can do in just one minute. Instead of looking at what I can’t get done, what can I do in just one minute? Before getting on a zoom call for a class, workshop, or meeting, I managed to get something done in the last few minutes. I became more time aware. Then I realized when I put something in the microwave for just one minute, it can seem like an eternity. So, what can I do in that one minute? I timed myself to see how much I can throw out from the refrigerator. Go through a pile of mail. Wash up a couple of dishes or put them away. Wow… that was great. And surprisingly easy. Now I have more accomplished and less on my to-do list. As I’m thinking about what can be done in one minute, I’m reminded of hearing on the news when they would say to their guest, “Karen, we have 30 seconds. What are your final thoughts?”. Surprisingly they got enough said in their final few seconds. Then there is NFL football. I’m sure it applies to other sports, but this is how I connected one minute and got things done by seeing how much can change in football and at the last minute of the game. The team that was winning at the time of just one minute left unfortunately turned out to have lost the game because of what the other team accomplished in one minute. So, believe it or not, microwaves, TV News, and the NFL have a lot in common. 

As I developed The One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks and then prepared for what I would present at the Crush Your ADHD Summit, I met with Alan Brown regarding my topic. We brainstormed a bit, and the idea of “miracle” came to mind because that’s how it felt when actually getting something done. And there it was, a month after getting the Happy Brain Hacks idea, it was now complete, and I would discuss with Alan and offer The Miracle of One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks! Yay 👏 There are 7 One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks and there are a variety of hacks that folks can try. 

So now that people are enjoying the Happy Brain Hacks, I’m thrilled to know that I can help people and make a difference. By listening and trusting my intuition, I see that it was the way for doors to open for me. In fact, many doors opened prior to the Happy Brain Hacks that brought me to that point on Sunday, November 6, 2022. 

Here is a timeline to give you an idea of what proceeded Happy Brain Hacks:

  • August 16, 2022, I started writing blogs and unbeknownst to me, it was a gift I never really knew I had. I walked through the door of opportunity with the awareness of this new gift, and I wrote 8 blogs in just 15 days.
  • September 2022, I wrote 9 blogs and then submitted a couple requests to be a guest blogger. One of those submissions was to Alan Brown of CrusherTV. He responded and even though he was in the midst of his website being updated and being a guest blogger wasn’t an option, he did however, have one spot open in his Coaching Mastermind Group and he offered it to me. I walked through that door of opportunity and accepted the offer. 
  • October 1, 2022, I’m aware of October being ADHD Awareness Month and I’m being led to write a blog each day of the month to help bring more awareness about ADHD. Wow, what a challenge but one that got me energized to use my gift and bring ADHD awareness to my readers. I boldly walked through that door and proudly wrote 31 blogs in October. 
  • October 6, 2022 was my first time in the Coaching Mastermind group with Alan Brown. He announced that he would have a Crusher Coaches Summit for the first time in January 2023 to Crush New Year and since I’m in his Coaching Mastermind group I would be invited to be an expert speaker. HOLY COW…so a door opened, and I walked through. 
  • On October 31, 2022, after finishing my 31st blog and now a total of 48 blogs in 2 1/2 months, my intuition is at a peak and I’m led to create a workbook for my clients. 
  • In a week, I finished a 30 page “ADHD Life Coaching Workbook” by Happy Brain Life Coach on Saturday November 5, 2022. I was so excited to use this with my clients in their Strategy & Planning Sessions! I got it printed locally and had a copy of it in my hand on Sunday, November 6, 2022! 👏Yay! Since then, my clients love the workbook and are getting so much out of it. Another WIN for hearing The Lord speak to me and walking through the door that opened!
  • Then back to Sunday, November 6, 2022, when I know God led me again and gave me the Happy Brain Hacks! Because they were not just hacks for me, but they would help other people all over the world.

As I see all of this unfold, the common thread for me is that I’m following my intuition, a door opens, I walk through and my intuition shows up, doors open, and I walk through. Trusting our intuition being led by The Lord and just trusting the process can get you so much farther than trying to make it your way and how you want. This is such a better way. I just know I have to stay focused on my disco ball and trust my intuition even though I don’t know the end result. It’s okay because it’s obviously preparing me for something else. And just like writing this blog (probably an article now because of the length), it will lead me to the next door to open and I will walk through it. This my friends, is how we keep our brains happy and full of life instead of spider webs that turns into cobwebs! I’m thrilled to tell you that not only is there the first set of Happy Brain Hacks, but there are also 2 new sets of ‘The Miracle of One-Minute Happy Brain Hacks’ for you to increase your Happy Tank! Just click on the options below and I’ll get more Happy Brain Hacks to you. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading “Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #52 ~ February 9, 2023

Until next time…have fun with your Happy Brain Hacks!

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