“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #17 ~ September 27, 2022


I’m fascinated by treasure hunters and seeing how excited they get when they find a coin or a piece of metal or wood that’s part of something bigger. They have found something that was once someone’s everyday item and is now a treasure because it was found by digging and searching for something that was lost. People have made it their lifelong mission to plan and prepare and then excavate and dig so they can find the treasure that they believe is there. 

I admire their tenacity to not give up and to pursue their dream that maybe someday they’ll find what they’re looking for. Some have found treasures and they have them on display for others to enjoy as their hard work and determination have paid off. 

I think about how much money and time has been spent on the entire process of finding their treasures. It’s amazing to me that they’re so single-focused that they are willing to sacrifice so much just so they can locate that treasure.

As I’ve started my practice of being an ADHD Life Coach, I think about these treasure hunters and I realize that there are so many similarities to our professions. 

I’m a Treasure Hunter too! 

But I’m looking for different treasures. Life Coaching is like digging for buried treasure in my clients! The treasures are hidden in their subconscious, their mind, thoughts, and ideas, and their spirit, souls, and hearts! 

Just like other treasure hunters, I get so excited when a client finds a treasure. That hidden treasure that’s within them was either lost or they didn’t know it was even there. What joy for them to find that treasure! 

I appreciate this analogy so much more since I’ve had to do some treasure hunting in my life. These hidden treasures might have been dreams, gifts, talents, or revelations that The Lord has given me. Sometimes when I found one of my treasures there was someone right there trying to steal it or tell me that “oh that’s nothing” when I knew in my heart it was a treasure. I’ve had to fight to keep some of my treasures. And just like other treasure hunters, I’ve had to carefully handle that treasure to guard and protect it. It’s been worth the time and money I’ve spent to find the hidden treasures in me. It’s an investment that I’m forever thankful for. 

As a Treasure Hunter, I’m excited for all the people that I’ll have the opportunity to go on an excavating journey with as God has prepared me for this new season in my life. 

If you wonder if you have some buried treasure waiting to be discovered, I encourage you to see yourself as more valuable than the hidden treasures in this world. You are truly worth more than all the buried treasures combined because God has made you and has a plan and purpose for your life. 

Digging for treasure is not easy and there’s usually a time and money commitment involved; however, the rewards are out of this world! My prayer for you is that if you want to do some Treasure Hunting, the right treasurer hunter will be available so you can excavate together to find the hidden treasures in you! 

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