“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #53 July 9, 2023


Do You Have A Happy Place Where Things Just Click? Do You Feel Jazzed Up Inside And Your Authentic Self Can Come Through?

Did you know that birds start to sing about an hour before the sun rises? At least that’s my observation on this beautiful Sunday morning in July. I’ve been sitting on my deck at my Sunset Sanctuary (the name I’ve given to my yearly April-October permanent campsite) since 4:30 am and out of curiosity I checked to see how soon I would have the opportunity to see a beautiful sunrise. On this day, the sunrise is not happening until 6:18 am; however, I noticed the birds started to sing at about 5:15 am. It’s as if they are so excited for a new day and they are making their voices heard. 30 minutes into the start of the first song, there seem to be a dozen different songs sung by these beautiful creatures. I can tell there’s mourning doves in the area as their distinct song is noticed over all the other songs. That leads me to find the app for bird calls to gain knowledge of my feather friends who are faithful to greet me each morning. 

I’m now noticing some beautiful fog rolling over the small lake that is a short walk from my deck. How fascinating that is as it provides a very mystical look and knowing it will be leaving as soon as the sun starts to rise to bring clarity to that area. Until then, it’s another intriguing feature of nature that I seldom take time to notice. 

I’m now noticing the sun is in preparation for its arrival and I’m receiving some natural light to aid me in my typing. I must say, that is a nice benefit of typing on your phone at 4:30am with its built-in light when you don’t want to have any other artificial light on. Back to our natural light of that mighty sun. I have always loved watching sunrises and sunsets. Unfortunately, I haven’t appreciated the benefits of a sunrise by making myself get up to catch its beauty. At times, I lived in areas where it wasn’t easy to catch the views. I can say that when I’ve driven to work and the timing of my drive and the sunrise meet, it’s a sight to behold. l’m so intrigued by the majesty of this daily occurrence and how each sunrise is different and same with the sunsets. The temperature, the position of the sun, the humidity, the wind, and the dew point all play a factor into how awesome it will look. You’ll never see the same sunrise or sunset twice, and that explains my 1,000s of photos to capture the beautiful gifts we receive every day. Did you ever give it any thought that there is always someone observing the sunrise along with the sunset? As the earth revolves around the sun, there is always someone experiencing the joy of a beautiful sunrise and someone else experiencing the awe of a mighty sunset. How cool is that? There’s no end to sunrises and sunsets! How often do I take that for granted? 

For some reason, I’m drawn to sunrises and sunsets, and they have become very important to me. So much so, that I chose my current home because the deck faces east for the gorgeous sunrises and the front porch faces west for the amazing sunsets. I’ll never regret that decision to trust my gut and have a home where I have easy access to two of nature’s daily blessings!

With all of our natural beauty to enjoy, I realize that there’s more to it than just to enjoy. There is scientific research of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits of being in nature, and slowing down enough to appreciate the magnificent sunrises and sunsets. For me, it’s as if MAGIC happens. The distractions are minimized, and I can focus on the sights and sounds of just being in nature. Nature has a way of clearing the clutter in my mind so I can prioritize what is important. It’s almost as if I feel a tangible blessing from God as I acknowledge and appreciate what He has created. He created it for us, and for us to enjoy. 

I wish I could say I gained this wisdom in my early years and practiced it on a regular basis. Even though life kept getting busy and filled with lots of distraction, I am now very thankful that I have a much better appreciation for arriving at my Happy Place where I feel Gods presence more and my life feels a bit magical. 

Where is your happy place? If you could go there daily, would you? What inspiration things happen at your happy place? 

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