“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #32 ~ October 15, 2022


Are you creating an environment for you to flourish with your ADHD?

Did you know you can ask for assistance in schools and the workplace to help with some of the challenges we encounter with ADHD?

The most important legal protection for workers with ADHD is the federal Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The original version of the ADA was passed by Congress in 1990 and was amended in 2008 to expand and clarify its application. The act can require the employer to provide reasonable accommodations, as long as it doesn’t create an undue hardship for the business.

Two federal laws provide free public special education services. They are the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

IDEA covers kids with very specific conditions, including intellectual disability, emotional disturbances, hearing impairments, and speech and language difficulties. Kids may qualify for coverage if they frequently have one of these problems in addition to attention deficit. Some qualify under another IDEA category: Other Health Impairments. If your child’s ADHD is so severe that he’s unable to learn in a regular classroom, he may qualify.

Section 504 covers ADHD kids who don’t qualify for special-ed services under IDEA, but who need extra help in the classroom. The law prohibits schools from discriminating against students because of physical and mental impairments. Just as the school must provide ramps for kids in wheelchairs, it must make modifications (such as preferential seating, extra time on tests, or help with notetaking) for kids with brain-based learning barriers.

These laws are reminders to me of how important it is to have the right tools and be in the right environment so we can perform at our best. 

What would be an ideal environment for you to work at your best? Do you need to be in an individual cubical? Do you need to be by a window to have some daylight? Do you need sound-canceling headphones? Do you need some type of fidget gadget in your hands? Do you need to sit close to the front of the class/auditorium? Thinking about these options and what would help you to perform better is something that we rarely take the time to contemplate.

This summer I had the opportunity to observe more than my average number of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The environment of nature has turned out to be an incredible motivator and great inspiration for me personally and for my writing. As a total surprise, my writing career took off since I was able to surround myself with more nature. The beauty of the sunrises as they welcome me with a new day was and always is exhilarating. The majesty of sunsets over the water left me speechless at times. 

I have realized that these treasured environments have provided what I needed. I am more aware of how my brain works with my environment now. As nature is like a beautiful canvas of God’s artwork for me, I can appreciate the simple and sometimes extraordinary detail that goes into those canvases. 

The good news is that for those of us that tend to strive in situations, there are lots of resources available to help with your ADHD challenges in the various environments that you are in and how they can help in your performance. 

For more information on this subject and/or if you would like to work with an ADHD Life Coach to work through some struggles, contact Karen at

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