STRENGTHS vs Weaknesses

“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #54 July 11, 2023

STRENGTHS vs Weaknesses

What you give the most attention to…WINS!!!

When I started coaching, I knew I wanted to have something tangible for my clients so they could see their strengths written down and their amazing qualities in front of them. That foresight I had in creating my Happy Brain Life Coach Workbook has become a blessing to so many people, including myself.

My clients may bring an issue to our coaching session, and without fail, there is usually something under the surface that has them feeling defeated under the weight of what feels like an iceberg of weaknesses. No wonder people don’t feel successful, they can’t even get to the surface and live life on an even playing field with a focus on everything they do wrong and what they are not good at. 

This is where I’ve realized that the common denominator for most people who struggle is not because they can’t organize, stop procrastinating, manage time, or a multitude of other executive function challenges. It’s because they are so busy doing, that they don’t stop to take an assessment of who they are. What their amazing strengths are? What makes them unique? What their core values are and why they are important to them?

When you are consumed by the weaknesses you struggle with daily and the areas of your life that are a challenge to you, you have little, if any brain power to look at your strengths. It can feel like a constant uphill battle with no end in sight. 

I believe that we are perfect the way God made us. Not perfect in the sense that we don’t have any flaws or weaknesses. But perfect in how He created us to be. In this life, we tend to take on so much stuff that we don’t even know who we are sometimes. We can easily be swayed by the influences in the world, the people in our lives, and unfortunately traumas that affect who we are. If we choose to live an authentic life and become self-aware, it can take lots of time and energy to unravel, unpack, and investigate who we really are and who we were born to be.

Do you have what it takes to discover who you really are and be true to you?

Unfortunately, we are much more aware of our weaknesses than our strengths at times. I currently wrestled with an issue and once I saw it as one of my weaknesses, I realized I was giving it way more attention than it needed. In fact, before this revelation, the issue would continue to grow and be consuming to me and overshadow my strengths. By recognizing the issue as a weakness, I was able to apply God’s Word in 2 Corinthians 12:10 TPT to my situation. “So I’m not defeated by my weakness, but delighted! For when I feel my weakness and endure mistreatment—when I’m surrounded with troubles on every side and face persecution because of my love for Christ—I am made yet stronger. For my weakness becomes a portal to God’s power.”

That scripture set me free! I didn’t have to think about that weakness all the time. I can focus on my strengths, do what I’m naturally good at, lean into my God-given abilities, and give God my weaknesses! WOW! What a difference that has made in my life! 

If we know who we are in Christ and we can give Him our weaknesses, what do we have to worry about? We can be free to be who God created us to be and lean into our strengths so we can live that authentic life and truly fulfill our purpose for our lives. 

I’ve seen a huge transformation in my clients when we work together to discover their strengths and they can see their strengths in a different light. They realize they don’t have to be weighed down by their weaknesses. They learn that what they give attention to WINS! 

What do you want to WIN? 

Are you ready to WIN with your strengths? Are you ready to learn to unwrap the beautiful package of yourself to find those hidden strengths and treasures so you can use your natural talents and abilities and become all that God created you to be? 

If you are ready to get the tools to help find the strengths and natural abilities that you were born with, let’s chat. You can schedule your 30-Minute Complimentary Consultation at this link.

For more information on this subject and/or if you would like to work with a Life Coach to work through some struggles or have someone beside you as you navigate this life, contact me at

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4 thoughts on “STRENGTHS vs Weaknesses”

  1. Karen is helping me to NOT focus on my weaknesses. I give them over to Christ so I don’t focus on them. I focus on my uniqueness, the things that bring me joy and it helps me discover who God made me to BE……I’m focusing on my ‘BE’….my joy of sharing my talents and uniqueness with others to bring happiness to me and them.
    It’s powerful!

    1. Thanks Deb! What a great testimony of what God is doing in your life. I’m honored to be chosen to be walking along side of you.

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