“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #9 ~ September 2, 2022 


Just one moment.

Oops, I forgot. 

I have to do this or that first. 

I’ll get to it.

Yep, I’m going to get right on that. 

What a great idea, I can get started on that as soon as this, that, and the other thing gets done. 

Hmm, don’t worry, it’ll happen. 

I don’t intentionally procrastinate; it has just become a way of life as a host of “to do’s” and lists and requests from others come to find me once again. I get swooped away with all the promises I just made to others and myself and then the all too familiar feeling of being overwhelmed has come to overshadow everything else in my life, again. 

To make matters even worse, guess who shows up thinking they’re going to help out? Ha ha…that’s a laugh. She arrives with her crown all shiny and bright to distract my every move. It’s no other than, Queen Fiddle Farter! All in her glory ready to get my energy to go here, there, and everywhere. She thinks she’s helping because we do a little here and a little there but it’s not what I want and need to accomplish for the moment. 

A perfect example of this is writing this blog. I have several blogs with titles and graphics ready to be produced and as I write this one, my mind starts to ‘fly away’ and the thought, gee don’t I need to check the clothes in the dryer? Really? Do they need to be checked at this moment? NO! What about checking on something in the kitchen? NO! Send that email, reply to a text or check that post? NO! NO! NO! 

This is what I am doing right now and this is what I’m finishing right now. Queen Fiddle Farter will just have to either go away, wait until I’m done, or at least be quiet while I’m doing what I need to do for the moment. 

Queen Fiddle Farter has tried to take over my life like she had some authority to do so. She’s been involved in so much of my life that she thinks she can continue to hang out, show up whenever she wants to, and tries to run the show. Now I realize, I’ve given that queen too much authority. 

I’m not saying that we work nonstop and be productive nonstop. NO! Just the opposite. Rest and ‘just be’ is a great way to be productive by giving our brain and body the rest we need. It’s knowing when to work, what needs to be done and being aware of times to rest to recharge those batteries. 

Do you have a “Queen Fiddle Farter” that tries to take over the show and run your life and maybe even feel like they are ruining your life? If I can get to a place in my life where I can be aware of when the queen tries to take over and to put her in her place, then you can too. 

Queen Fiddle Farter can appear to be fun and exciting and we can just be-bop around, but sometimes you just have to put your foot down and fire the queen. What? Fire the queen? Yep, you heard me right. Firing Queen Fiddle Farter from my world is a great decision. She takes too much of my time, energy, peace, and money from my life because I realize her salary is outrageous and she demands a lot of attention. 

What “Queen Fiddle Farter” do you need to fire and let go from your payroll? 

Somedays I’m reminded that I can fire her more than once. It’s what I need to do to keep her away and keep me on task. Warning: she doesn’t like to leave, so you probably have to be stern with her. 

If I’m not consciously aware and intentionally aware of what I’m working on and my plan for the day, I can easily get caught up in the game Queen Fiddle Farter wants to play. 

We have a choice every day. It’s my choice and it’s your choice whether we choose to hang out with Queen Fiddle Farter. Just remember that if we choose to hang out with her, we’ll end up doing a lot of tooting all day long! 

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