“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #2 ~ August 17, 2022


Antsy, fidgety, restless, jumpy, can’t sit still for very long…do you have ants in your pants? 

No, I do not have ants in my pants! I just hear my brain telling me to move, get up, go inside, go outside, finish this, finish that. And that brain can be so bossy sometimes. Rarely does it ask me if I want to do something or if I need something? It’s just very demanding. Barking orders at me and it’s as if it’s trying to put the fear of God in me if I don’t jump when it demands its way. 

Amazing as it is to have an ADHD brain, it can also be a bit of a challenge. It explains why The Lord has gently nudged me for years to write. More than just in my journals but to write so it can be an encouragement to others. It’s only taken 59 years to write nuggets of inspiration, encouragement, advice, and stories (can you hear the sarcasm?) And guess what? It has taken only 59 years to build the confidence that I have something worthwhile and valuable to say that can help someone and maybe even provide some laughter. 

It has taken 40 years of journaling and a lifetime of ‘where do I fit in?’ to realize that God is trying to tell me to ‘PLOP MY BOTTOM IN THAT CHAIR LITTLE MISSY’ so I can get the stories, the revelations, the nuggets that are in me…OUT! It’s like when people die, and you know the song is still in them. I don’t want to take all this to the grave with me. 

Now is the time to tell my ADHD brain what we are going to do. We are going to ‘PLOP MY BOTTOM DOWN AND WRITE’. We are going to be creative, resourceful, and whole as we take on this new journey. Some people need to hear my ADHD story and some people need to hear your story. 

So, if you have ever felt the nudge to ‘plop your bottom down in that chair so you can get something important done, I encourage you to tell your brain that we’re going to try it. There may just be a blessing waiting for you and others! And guess what? Your brain may just get HAPPY about it! 

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