“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #33 ~ October 16, 2022


What are stories for? To tell? Could that be why they call it storytelling??? 

I believe people with ADHD make great storytellers. Think about it, we’re creative, imaginative, fun, out of the boxer thinkers, innovative, willing to take risks, inspiring, never boring, humorous, charming, adventurous, high energy, tenacious, productive and the list goes on. Some of us are probably better at creating the story than actually sharing the story, but either way, this is a gift to be celebrated! One thing I’ve noticed about people who tell stories whether they are their own or someone else’s story, they’re pretty excited to share the story. And they also seem to be anticipating a positive response from sharing their story which once they receive, they’re motivated to share another story. The gift keeps giving! 

Some of us learn better when there’s a story attached to the lesson or the material we’re studying. Even Jesus used stories to get his message across to the disciples. Stories are told throughout the Bible. It is an entertaining way to learn. And for those that learn better with a story, I’m right there with you. 

When growing up, I remember holiday meals and my father was at the head of the dining room table. He was the storyteller for those special occasions and he had a captive audience while my mother provided the amazing meals. For many of those years, I was sitting at the kids’ table in the family room until I was old enough to be promoted to the adult table. To sit at the adult table you had to be able to stay there for a few hours because you didn’t want to miss out on the stories my father had to share. 

I think about the stories people have and I realize more every day that I want to tell my stories. I have so many amazing family members and I love the idea of how I can share their stories in my way. I’m blessed to be able to share their stories and I believe God created me with the desire to share my family’s stories. How blessed I am that I can now do that in a way that people can enjoy. 

To be good storyteller, there seem to be some qualities that they possess. They are usually enthusiastic, energetic, and confident. They listen, engage, and interact with the audience. They empower others. They are vulnerable, personable, and authentic. They create strong connections with others. As we know you can be a storyteller in person or through writing. I know when I have tried to tell stories in person, sometimes my head gets ahead of my tongue or vice versa. With writing the stories out, I can take my time and go back to review what I write so it makes sense to my audience. 

By testing the waters with my storytelling in written form, my thoughts are that they are not meant to be hidden but rather to be shared. I have family members that would not feel comfortable sharing their stories. Well, good thing I came along. I love to share a good story and now I can do it for them so more people can be blessed by hearing their story. As I share their story I’m creating a new story. 

Even though my father was a great storyteller, his focus was not on himself. Now that I think about it, his parents and aunt and uncles were great storytellers too. Maybe that’s why I want to get their stories out there. I was so pleased with the story I wrote this week about my father’s hikes in the Grand Canyon. It’s like his voice is being heard and honored. I shared that blog I wrote (see “Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #28) with a Facebook group with over 40,000 followers called Grand Canyon Rim to Rim. I was curious to see if people that don’t me would be interested in my story. It was well received and people want to hear more. What a confirmation that people want to read stories and they want to hear about other people’s experiences. 

Now I’m even more motivated to get these great stories out there!!! Good stories are meant to be shared! We all have great stories to share that no one else can tell. Think about that. Who can tell your stories? And what I have learned is that no one can tell my stories. We all have a message to tell and stories to share.

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