My ADHD Cocoon!

“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #1 ~ August 16, 2022 


Here I am at another crossroads in my life. As I have experienced many times before and as a champion ADHDer, it seems as if it’s been thousands of times that I find myself at this struggling spot. The feeling is as if I am in a cocoon. Tired on one hand and energized on the other hand! Knowing if I just start working on busting out of the cocoon, there’s a new world out there waiting to welcome me. 

With this new opportunity to welcome the struggle, there is not just the benefit of a new adventure waiting for me, it’s also the incredible feeling of no regrets. I don’t want to regret that I didn’t put the extra effort into breaking out of this new cocoon. This comfortable environment has served its purpose and it has felt safe and secure. It’s been warm and snuggly; however, it was only meant to provide for me for a time in my journey. 

As I enter new seasons in my life, I get comfortable and almost hyper-focus on what’s at hand. It’s like God spins a cocoon around me to protect me in each season. As I take in all that God has for me to learn, observe and become aware of, it builds my confidence and gives me the courage to start pushing my way out of the cocoon. The more I work my way out of yet another cocoon, I’m sensing new energy and excitement as my ADHD brain is dancing with joy at the anticipation of something fun on the horizon! Just like each sunrise brings new beginnings for the day, I am giving myself the gift of a new adventure. In that gift is multiple gifts as I start to unwrap them. WOW…look at the gifts…self-awareness, confidence, peace, joy, happiness, love, compassion…and the gifts go on. 

And to think I was resisting this struggle and frustrated at another crossroad in my life. What would I have missed if I would have chosen to stay in the current safe and secure cocoon? 

What new adventure is waiting for you? What gifts are waiting for you once you break out of your current cocoon? Are you ready to receive more gifts and live a life of no regrets? 

You can do it!!! There’s a new world waiting for you as you develop your wings and make them stronger so you can bust out of that silky sleeping bag and fly to new heights in your vibrant new glow! 

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