“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #24 ~ October 7, 2022


The best part of my ADHD brain is that it loves to have fun! My brain needs fun and as my brain is having fun it’s as if other fun buddies come to join my brain. Creativity, peace, joy, happiness, and productivity, are all glad to join in the fun. My brain is now having more fun because it’s got some fun buddies to hang out with.

Unfortunately, we get in trouble if that “fun” is having its way in appropriate ways (talking in class when you’re supposed to be listening is just one example) and sometimes our “fun” is just too much for some people. Yes, we learn by trial and error when it’s appropriate to be fun and who we can trust with that gift. 

Just to clarify, “fun” is different for everyone and especially for people with ADHD. Sometimes people just don’t appreciate our humor or what we consider to be fun. I know some of my grade school teachers didn’t. And as a young girl who didn’t know she had ADHD, I didn’t understand why others didn’t think I was funny. 

Unfortunately, many of us had our natural gift of being funny, clever, and witty suppressed pretty quickly in our lives. As we were not taken seriously as who we were born to be, we would stuff those gifts to be accepted and have the approval we so longed to have. Oh, the sacrifices we’ve made just to be accepted. 

What would it be like if we could be fun again and have that lighthearted attitude that we had before we were constantly told…to be quiet, that’s not appropriate now, calm down, don’t talk so much and the list goes on. So many have had their spirit crushed and had to fit into the box and do what others wanted instead of being true to who they are. 

Oh, the grieving of so many broken spirits because of not knowing how to conform to this square box world with a bubbly fun brain. This is just another reason to get our brains to work with us instead of against us. 

Many people enjoy making others laugh with good clean humor, and with clever and witty stories. I believe that gift and desire are still in them and I believe as people continue to learn how to work with their brains they’ll have some of those gifts come back to life. What joy that would be? 

We need these people who are truly funny and clever in this world. There’s more fun and joy that this world needs for people to experience. Some people have gotten just a bit too starchy and have the mulligrubs!

How wonderful it would be to make ADHD fun again!!! To celebrate everyone’s gifts, not be offended by everything, and just have fun while using your gifts and talents. And as the fun is happening, remember some fun buddies want to come to join the party!!!

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2 thoughts on “MAKE ADHD FUN AGAIN!!!”

  1. I love this Karen! Make ADHD fun again by using your gifts! My older son is very witty and funny! I love it when he shows his lightheartedness…
    I pray that you are able to be your beautiful and funny self now 🤍

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