“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #47 ~ October 30, 2022


Whatever your thoughts have been on ADHD, hopefully, you have learned a thing or two this month as I’ve tapped into my new gift of writing so I can provide a new blog each day for October. My goal and intent in writing are to help bring more awareness to this oh-so-common medical condition. For some of you, I understand you are learning that everyone seems to know someone with ADHD. Whether those individuals have been diagnosed yet or not, there are more people with ADHD than we first realized. 

As we learn the ways to work with our ADHD brains, life is not so much in the pits all the time and there are pleasant and happy days to enjoy! This is the key. To learn to work with your ADHD brain. Life doesn’t need to be in the pits. There is hope and you can learn to work with your amazing brain. So what if your brain doesn’t work like others? Did you ever think that maybe God made you with an incredible brain for a reason? I’m glad I’m unique and there is no one like me. That means I have unique ideas and gifts that others don’t have. And you have unique ideas and gifts that others do not have and to be used in ways you are not even aware of yet. 

To have a life like a bowl of cherries can be referred to as having a pleasant life. The phrase can also be used humorously to mean the opposite. Either way, you have a choice of what you want in your life. Do you want your life to be like a bowl of cherries or do you want to live in the pits? The choice is yours! What do you want? If you want to master your magnificent brain, there are lots of resources and treatments to assist you in that adventure. 

As a reminder, people with ADHD possess some incredible qualities!

Intelligent  ~ Fun ~ Different ~ Good Negotiator ~ Resourceful ~ Creative ~ Out of the Box Thinker ~ Curious ~ Lives in the Moment ~ Musically Intuitive ~ Energetic ~ Risk Taker ~ Innovative ~ Resilient ~ Highly Sensitive ~ Hyper-Focused ~ Unique ~ Productive ~ Tenacious ~ Adventurous ~ Humorous  ~ Charming ~ Never Bored ~ Never Boring ~ Inspiring ~ Single-Minded Pursuit of Goal ~ Brain Surfs ~ Multi-Tasker ~ Problem Solver ~ Imaginative ~ Talkative ~ See Details Others Miss ~ Intuition

WOW, those are some great qualities and I’m sure there are many other characteristics that we could come up with. The bottom line is, when you tap into some of these strengths, you realize there are more strengths to discover and you could be surprised to find that you are good at a lot of things and you don’t have to live in the pits anymore. 

What do you want for your life? How can you start using one of your strengths? What have you always wanted to try but fear stopped you from trying? 

Yes, life can be a challenge and with ADHD, it can be more than you think you can handle. That is why it’s important to find others that understand you so you find ways to make this life of yours work for you. You don’t have to do it alone. Others are willing to be in that bowl of cherries with you as you are discovering your life. Always keep this in mind, you have to want to help yourself for others to be able to help you! People can only be helped to the degree that they want to help themselves. If you are ready to get rid of the pits, come join us as together we figure out this thing called life and sometimes land in the bowl of cherries! 

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