“Karen’s Noggin’🧠 Nuggets” #5 ~ August 2022


In the summer of 1986, I experienced a GREAT day!!!

I received an amazing promotion. Promotions did not find me easily and rarely, if ever in my early years. This promotion was different and one I was ready for.

On this day, I was promoted to the position of Aunt! The incredible blessing of my nephew was born and the exciting journey of my new role as Auntie Karen had just begun.

Even though I was living in Omaha, Nebraska during this season of my life, we had our family vacation in Minnesota the week he was born. We were all able to meet our new bundle of joy right after our fishing trip.

As a young Auntie Karen, I’m not sure I knew what to do with those itzy bitzy little people. I do recall being so amazed they came with all the parts intact and everything was working correctly. What I did know is that I was witnessing a miracle as I held this gift from God.

He was a miracle! Not because of anything traumatic that happened to him or his parents but because he was chosen by God to be born into our family on that special day in 1986.

I embraced my new role and as soon as I could get him smiling or laughing, I knew we would have fun. The role of Auntie Karen was just to have fun! What could be better than that? All I ever wanted to do was have fun in all I did. “For Fun” is my mantra, after all. I didn’t have to discipline, say ‘no’, or even act like an adult. WOW! This is great! The kids loved it and even though I didn’t score any points with my siblings, we were having a good time creating lots of fun memories.

The kids have heard “Auntie Karen is in trouble again” more times than I would like to admit. Surely it wasn’t when I gave my nephew a few too many pieces of bubble gum and the majority of the pink blobs of gum showed up in his diaper. He used the remaining bubble gum to decorate the living room wall. I’m sure his parents haven’t forgotten about that little incident.

As he grew older, it was fun riding with Auntie Karen in the middle of the back seat with his brother on the other side. To pass the time, we played Brain Teasers (5th-grade edition). They loved to stump Auntie Karen. As much as I wish that all of my brain cells were firing for our games, most of the time I was just holding it together from motion sickness because of sitting between 2 active little boys in the back seat.

I admit I was not always the best Auntie Karen at times. Relationships were a struggle for me and especially before I was diagnosed with ADHD. Unfortunately, getting birthday cards purchased, signed, addressed, stamped, and mailed can be an overwhelming task for an ADHDer and it usually falls to a low level as one of our strengths. More like one of our weaknesses. 

I hope my nephews and niece know that they all have a very special spot reserved just for them in my heart. They have allowed me to pray for them and I always just want the best for them. They have taught me so much over the years and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

My first nephew has become an amazing young man who is gifted with being a hardworking, considerate, confident, passionate, and loyal person who I’m so very proud of.

I’m so very thankful that God called me to be his Auntie Karen!!! 


Love you so very much, 

Auntie Karen 

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