“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #15 ~ September 23, 2022


If you have received a nugget of truth in your life that you have held on to, applied over and over, and shared with others because it’s been so beneficial to you, consider yourself fortunate. And that I do! 

It was in the early 1990s in my search for learning and hoping to get some answers that I stumbled across an acronym. I liked this acronym. It was simple and I could apply it. And best of all, it made sense to me. 

This nugget has saved me from getting myself in trouble at least not as much if I didn’t have it in my bag of tricks to use when things got a bit out of control. It helped with many of the ADHD symptoms that I struggled with, namely impulsiveness.

This little but mighty tool in my toolbox is H.A.L.T. Yes, HALT! If things are feeling out of balance, I’m not sure how I feel, I’m anxious or I can’t make heads or tails of my thoughts, then I’ll HALT and ask myself some questions. 

Karen, are you hungry? 

When I’m hungry, sometimes it can get our thoughts out of work. Our stomachs can truly act like our second brain. If I’m hungry, I get something to eat as soon as I can. And now it’s just not grabbing anything to snarf down. I’ll think about what I eat and usually will grab some protein in the form of nuts or protein shakes. Boom! Issue solved! 

Then I ask, Karen are you angry? 

Did someone or something just tick you off and make you mad? Talking it out or writing it out is usually the best for me so I can process the feelings and don’t respond while I’m still burning up. Then I can handle the situation with a clear head and heart! Yea! 

Next question, Karen are you lonely?

This is where you have your connections that you know you can reach out to so the many feelings that come with loneliness don’t cause you to go down a spiral of despair. This is important to address and have a plan because if you don’t, it may take more energy that you may not currently have, to get you out of the pit. You can do it!

Finally, I ask, Karen are you tired?

Sleep is vital for everyone and the more I learn about how sleep is so important to our brains functioning properly, I realize it can easily be the reason my brain isn’t running at full capacity. When we sleep and get enough good sleep, our brains reset and can be ready for another day. If this is an issue for me, I’ll realize it and gently get through the day and make sure I get the proper sleep I need the next night. Huge difference  and I can think clearly. Yea! 

The key to all of this is to HALT! 

Stop what’s going on and ask yourself what’s really going on. Am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. I may be experiencing one or all four of these at the same time. I realized that if I didn’t HALT and ask myself those questions, I usually would say or do something that is inappropriate, and I would usually regret it. Ugh! Then I would beat myself up and take a trip down another spiral. 

HALT became a habit for me as I practiced it over and over so I could be more self-aware of what was going on and make sure those four areas are taken care of. This habit has prevented a lot of turmoil, bad decisions, and heartache. HALT has saved me many times and I hope HALT can help you too! 

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Thank you for reading “Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #15 ~ September 23, 2022

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