“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #12 ~ September 4, 2022


It’s amazing what our brains can do when there’s a shift in plans whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent! 

Depending on the situation, I find that there’s a lot of talking to my brain to help her come down off the ledge. She gets a little “undone” if her plans are disrupted. Even if the “new” plans are better and rewarding in the end, she’s still in a frazzled state until I can calm her down. 

Frazzle Brain seems to want to go to the original plan and starts to argue her stance that “Karen, this is what the plan was, why are you changing it now?” “Did you agree to this new plan without consulting me?” “What about this, that, and the other thing we had planned?” And then she gives me a list of why that new plan is not the best. I gently remind Frazzle Brain that even though this new plan has come as a surprise, we have committed to it, and we need to keep moving forward. 

Can you recall a time when a shift in plans was difficult for your brain to understand let alone accept? Maybe you found yourself telling your brain that it’s going to be all right, we’ll get through this. 

Frazzle Brain can happen to all of us, and I would have to guess that we all experience it at some time if not a lot of time. It’s as if the Logical Brain and Fun Brain are duking it out and together, they become Frazzle Brain because neither one of them are willing to give in. At this point, no one has won, and they must come to some agreement or Frazzle Brain might just explode! 

At this point, it’s usually the time when I must send in the special forces! That’s right! It’s time for Heart and Intuition to take over and send Logical Brain and Fun Brain back to their corners. They’re not happy about this but they are quickly reminded that we usually do our best work when Heart and Intuition are leading the way. 

When Frazzle Brain is out of control it’s a good time for Heart to remind Frazzle of who’s really in control. And if she wants to be HAPPY BRAIN, she’ll have to accept that ultimately, we will follow Heart. 💖

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