“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #49 ~ November 11, 2022


Where do you start and how do you describe an extremely loyal veteran? There is a deepness to them that most people will never understand. And only a few have the extraordinary opportunity to see a glimpse into that mysterious deepness. 

Not only have I had the great opportunity to see into the heart of one of our amazing veterans, but I also have been blessed to be married to him for now 22 years. I realized that it has taken all these years to learn about this fascinating veteran I call my hero and my husband. 

When I met my husband 23+ years ago, he was already honorably discharged from the Navy after serving for 10 years and previously in the Army for 2 years. I knew I had met someone who is loyal, disciplined, trustworthy, and reliable. Qualities that are sometimes hard to find but are so incredibly valuable. 

I believe some people are born with a calling to serve in the military. They just know that they were meant to be in the service. They have such a love and passion to serve their country and once they are honorably discharged, they would reenlist, if they could. This awareness of knowing my husband wouldn’t think twice about returning to the U.S. Navy, if he could, helps me to understand that deep devotion to serving our country. After all these years, he still tells me he would go back into the service if he could. It’s in his blood, to serve and that will never change. 

As I have had the opportunity to observe, learn and intensely study one of the military’s best, I’m thankful to understand more of how someone can be so devoted to wanting to fight for our freedom and be willing to lay down their life for others that they do not know. It’s fascinating to me, to have such love for something so much greater and larger than themselves. What an incredible calling that is, to be willing and wanting to lay your life down in whatever mission field the military sends you. To be ready at any time and at any cost. I guess I can understand now why our government would be willing to invest millions of dollars in individuals that possess these heroic traits. What makes someone do extraordinary things, to live and sacrifice so much so others can be free?

That’s a great question. And I believe the answer comes from each person’s perspective. I know some of the things that my husband has had to go through and accomplish and I find myself in awe of such respect for what he has achieved. He views it as part of the job, just what he had to do. And once again, he reveals to me another characteristic of a soldier focusing on his mission. It’s never about him. He has a calling, a mission, he’s laser-focused. In all of our time together, he has never boasted about his accomplishments. He is extremely tight-lipped about his service and I’m the one that tries to draw those stories out of him, out of my natural curiosity. He is truly a humble servant which I know he doesn’t even see. That’s what makes his gifts so much more valuable. 

It’s as if it’s in his DNA and I for one am so grateful to know and to love this deep, multi-layer, servant that has gone beyond the call of duty to now live with the wounds of a battle won!

HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY to my hero and husband! 

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