“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #14 ~ September 2022


1988 was a great year for our family. A beautiful baby boy was born in September and all of us couldn’t be happier. This new addition to the family meant that I now had another nephew, Yippee Yea!!! Someone brand new that someday would call me Auntie Karen! How fun! God has blessed our family with another precious miracle and what joy would he bring to all of us? 

I was living in Ohio at this time, and I traveled to see him as soon as I could. When holding him I was just amazed at how perfect he was. As he grew, his unique personality shined through, and I enjoyed his laid-back nature unless you tried to wash his blankie. He was not going to part with his best friend until he was ready. 

Babysitting was always a good time with my nephews. We played lots of games and had tons of fun. During one of our fishing trips in Minnesota in 1995, I was in charge of babysitting my 2 nephews and the following is in the journal entry from that evening. “Auntie Karen tried to babysit the boys and failed Babysitting 101. Kept the kids up late and gave them snacks and soda pop, way too late.” Ha! Ha!

Even though it may have appeared I failed, I was always asked to watch the kids. Maybe the fun we had was more important than the silly rules at that time. 

During the same fishing trip, it was reported in our journal entry that, “Auntie Karen teaches the boys the Walleye Fish Cheer.” 

Give me a W…W

Give me a A…A

Give me a L…L

Give me a L…L

Give me a E…E

Give me a Y…Y

Give me a E…E

What does it spell? WALLEYE! Yea!!!

We also enjoyed chicken fights in the water as each nephew was on one of the adult’s shoulders. We worked hard to try to get as much fun in as possible on those fishing trips. 

It was all about the fun whenever I was with my nephew. Even though I was responsible for the kids, I wasn’t too serious about anything with the kids. We just wanted to have fun. When they visited me, we would have sleepovers which meant sleeping bags all over the living room. At their home, it was fun in the basement pulling out the sofa bed and building a fortress, and camping out while we watched movies and had lots of snacks. 

A funny thing I recall was when this nephew was little he would save his presents and wouldn’t open them until later. What a hoot he was! Oh, he provided so much joy! 

There was a time in my nephew’s life that I had the opportunity to take him to his basketball practices and games regularly when he was 8 and 9 years old. It was those everyday things I loved and enjoyed. Just doing life together was special. 

For Halloween one year, I dressed up too, right along with the kids. The outfit and role of a clown seemed to fit my character and the kids seemed to love it too. 

With the addition of this nephew, double the fun, laughs, giggles, and occasional snorts were endless when we were together. Auntie Karen would still get in trouble but at the cost of providing fun and great memories, it was all worth it. 

As this special nephew grew up and excelled in academia, I was so proud of him as he took each step of faith to get to where he is today. I’m so thankful I was able to travel both times to see him earn his degrees and help celebrate his achievements. 

Every time I think about my nephews and niece and our FUN, my heart does a happy dance! I’m so proud of them all and just the thought of them makes my heart feel so full!

A lot has changed since my 2nd nephew was born 34 years ago. He has grown up to be an amazing young man that still possesses that sensitive heart that I fell in love with years ago. He has a heart of gold that has a driving desire to help others in his personal and professional life. 

I’m so thankful for this precious baby boy that joined our family 34 years ago this month because not only has he taught me so much about what is important in life, I know he has made a difference in other people’s lives, as well. 


Love you so very much!

Auntie Karen

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