“Karen’s Noggin’ 🧠 Nuggets” #21 ~ October 4, 2022


An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of an entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

Do you know that adults with ADHD are 300% more likely to be entrepreneurs? This was another ‘aha’ moment for me earlier this year when Laurie Dupar* revealed this nugget of truth to our class. 

My first response to this question is, do people with ADHD make good entrepreneurs? YES! They have curiosity, and creativity, they can hyperfocus, they are out-of-the-box thinkers, very intuitive, they are visionaries, problem solvers, resourceful, risk takers, and they have that don’t give up determination that drives them to stand out and live life they always dreamed of having. Oh, did I mention they have a high energy level? They see the potential of their dreams and what they can be. They have a vision and foresight that others may not. WOW! 

I’ve always celebrated the entrepreneurial lifestyle and encouraged others who have wanted to go down that path. They are great at creating new ways to do things and coming up with new inventions. They are usually the person that is willing to keep trying until their idea, dream, service, or product becomes a reality. I love their tenacity and believing in their dream no matter what odds are against them, no matter how many times they fail and no matter who tells them no and whoever doesn’t believe in them. They are focused and are finding ways to make their businesses, dreams, and visions work. 

There are quite a few successful entrepreneurs that you may have heard of before that make their ADHD work for them. 

Virgin Brand founder Richard Branson, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea, world-renowned economist Diane Swonk, publishing executive and former CEO of MediaBistro Alan Meckler, successful comedian Rory Bremner, successful athlete Michael Phelps, famous award-winning British celebrity chef, author, entrepreneur, and famous TV personality Jamie Oliver, award-winning American singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake, six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan, hotel heiress, reality TV star, socialite, businesswoman, singer and actress Paris Hilton, actors and TV personalities Lee Mack, Will Smith, Ryan Gosling, Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks and Channing Tatum, singer, songwriter, musician and the lead vocalist of Maroon 5 Adam Levine, drummer in Nirvana and then went on to form the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, World and Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles, actress Emma Watson, actor Johnny Depp, singer, songwriter, actor, and model Sam Fender, four-time Super Bowl champion turned sports analyst and commentator Terry Bradshaw, game-show host and comedian/actor Howie Mandel, Soul Train Award winner Solange Knowles, journalist Lisa Ling, soccer star Tim Howard, seven-time Grammy Award winning recording artist, astronaut Scott Kelly, tv show star of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Ty Pennington, Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff, NME-award-winning Best British Solos Artist hip-hop star Loyle Carner, Major League Baseball player Shane Victorino, and the list goes on. 

What we have learned is that these people have learned to work with their ADHD and focus on their strengths and if they can do it, so can you and I. 

This is why it is so important to understand your brain, how it works, and the way you can have it work for you to reach your full potential and the achievements that you have always dreamed you could accomplish. 

If you have ADHD and ever wondered if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, I encourage you to be reminded of the statistic that you’re 300% more likely to be an entrepreneur, some people have gone before you learn from them find someone who is successful at what you want to do and then tell yourself if they can do it you can do it too! Let’s show the world how great ADHD Entrepreneurs are! 

*Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, CPCC, CALC Trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Professionally Certified Coach, Certified ADHD Life Coach, Owner, and Director of the  The International ADHD Coach Training Center 

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